Death toll rises in karbala bombing

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By Stephen Dalton and Karolina Sammarco

PALO ALTO, Feb 12 (Reuters) – An explosion on a CDC 철도청 카지노crowded shopping street in a busy shopping center in central Mexico City killed at least eight people and injured more than 100 others on Tuesday.

The blast occurred at 1:20 a.m. (0920 GMT), about two hours after two people were found dead on a lower floor of a store in the area of Ibarra de la Baca in the Central Mexican state of Michoacan, according to the Interior Ministry포커‘s emergency-response agency.

There was no information on how the two victims died or whether they had survived.

The explosion shook the nearby city of Teotihuacan, which is well-known for its traffic.

A hospital official told local media, citing state health officials, that the injured were being treated in a ho카지노spital for a respiratory illness and were expected to survive.

It was not immediately clear how the blast affected the region’s major markets. A police spokesman in Tocantins state, which includes Mexico City, said there was an unrelated explosion at another small market in the city.

Local media published photographs of the interior ministry’s official Twitter account that showed a woman wounded in the blast as a man dressed in a suit and tie runs to pull her from the blood-spattered street.

“All the victims were men and some women were also injured. We’re also treating them,” the account said.

Earlier, the interior ministry’s Twitter account was suspended but did not report any change in the search for the driver.

On Wednesday, a local resident said her daughter, who lives in the same area of Ibarra de la Baca, had been found lying face down near the destroyed store.

The blast killed at least eight people and wounded dozens, local security officials told Reuters.

It was the third of its kind in a city such as this one, said city officials. Police and ambulances were deployed there in search of victims.

Some of the injured were taken to Mexico City’s San Miguel and Olmos hospitals, officials said, although some of the victims were brought by car to a nearby clinic and placed there.


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