A round up of today at #PNR
-15 water tankers came in and out. 495 000 litres removed from site today. 19 were planned. 38 have been scheduled over 2 days. If that happens 1 254 000 litres of water will be removed from #PNR in 2 days…WHY? WHAT has happened ?
-Drone footage shows the pad flooded, worse than ever..WHY? WHAT has caused this?
-The rig is taking between 7&9 hours to drill 10metre pipes into the ground. The top drive on the rig seems not to be powerful enough to push the drill down over the last 10 or so pipes. Pipe 140 took 9.5 hours. The engineers have spend many hours in the cheery picker trying to rectify the problem over the last two days.
– Drilling is to a depth of approximately 1400 metres. Pipe 141 was lifted on at 6.45pm this evening .



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