As we enter another week at both PNR and KM8.

To the rig climbers, the rig watch, the lock ons and surfers, the keyboard activists, the researchers, the catering corp, the waste management brigade, the silent altruists, the givers, the academics, the journalists, the spotters and transporters, the sign writers and marketeers, the hosts and hostesses, the placard wavers, the coffee and cake makers, the local councillors, those that personify fracking apparatus, ‘we love you Rusty’, the technicians, the drone flyers, the empathic, the lawyers, the celebs, the unconditionalists, the locals, the travellers, the environmental parties, the trade unions, the lost and found, the litter pickers, the environmentalists, the humourists, the camp fire maintainers, the builders, the supportive contractors and local businesses, the horn honkers, the creatives, the families, the film makers, the mums and dads and grannies and granddads, the map makers, the carpenters, the health and wellbeing practitioners, the social care providers, the taxi drivers, the creche, the arrestee support, the tea and tent givers, the social media communicators, the people, the goodness, the now. Wow, how vast and diverse we are!!!

I am humbled to belong to such an amazing extended family. Love and spirit.



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