Been wondering where to post my FOI reply from EA and in light of superflood on Wed, here seems as good as any. Dont expect much – Lion is right and as you will clearly see the EA conditions imposed on Cuadrilla are leaky as a sieve, open to deception and abuse and really amount to Cuadrilla and contractors marking their own homework!!

——– Original message ——–
From: CMBLNC Info Requests
Date: 25/09/2017 15:09 (GMT+00:00)
To: somizonxxxxx
Subject: CL56898SR
Dear Suzie
Enquiry regarding Preston New Road site
Thank you for your emails dated 12 August 2017 and 25 August 2017. Please accept our apologies for the delay in our response.
We respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Please see our response below to the questions raised in your email dated 12 August 2017. Your questions are in blue text below.

1. Are you aware of this activity whereby I suggest 1000s of gallons of ‘water’ is being removed from site on a daily basis?

A. We are aware that surface water is being tankered off Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site.

2. If you are aware – has this ‘water’ been tested and is it being monitored by yourselves on site?

A. The operator is sampling the tankered surface water. The samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for chemical analysis. Test results are used by the operator to assess whether the surface water run-off is hazardous or non-hazardous before it is taken to an appropriate authorised waste treatment facility.

3. If EA is aware can the results be published on your Citizen Page and or local media to allay public fears? Please also make sure updated page is accessible as I’ve only found monitoring results up to Feb 2017 before the pad was built?

We intend to conduct an audit on the disposal of tankered surface water and will present this information on our citizen space page.

4. If so are you aware of where this water is being taken/disposed of and is it being treated before storage or disposal? Can the public have this information please?

A. The water is taken to an appropriate authorised waste treatment facility. It is not for us to specify which facility Cuadrilla takes the waste to. But whichever site they use, it must have the correct authorisations for the type of waste being disposed of.

5. And if you are not aware of the self evident flooding issue at PNR, please can you advise what steps EA need to take to reassure the public that the ‘Gold Standard’ safety conditions promised by Javid and Menzies are, and will be adhered to by Cuadrilla?

A. We are satisfied that appropriate management of surface water is being met by the operator.

Please refer to Open Government Licence which explains the permitted use of this information.

Please get in touch if you have any further queries or contact us within two months if you’d like us to review the information we have sent.

Kind regards

Customers and Engagement Team, Cumbria and Lancashire
Environment Agency | Ghyll Mount, Gillan Way, Penrith 40 Business Park, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BP”



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