Last post: There’s a gentle breeze from Mother Nature that pre-empts something special will happen soon. Cuadrilla have now pushed their first frack period into 2018. That is brilliant for sure, as this is an affirmation their Spring offensive of 2017, was yes, beyond their wildest dirty fracking dreams.

They are desperately trying to manipulate and change a community liaison group, which should, by the way be totally community centred, so stop that for a start Franny. Politics is not your bag.

They plod along on the pad, that looks more like an It’s a Knock Out site with liquidation round the corner, each day.

And finally although it has not been so overt, we are not your experiment. Our beautiful communities are not some Pavlov’s dog that can froth at the mouth with your offer of blood money. We don’t take likely to a ‘ suck it and see’ approach, in terms of what you can defile and then extract from the shale at any risk cost.

At every level Cuadrilla you are a failed mess, and you have totally underestimated the sharpness of the movement. We are ALL local, and we are ‘battery full’ to see this through to the fracking end.

Love and spirit.


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