Rant in support of rig riders. (with no bloody return function , so no structure, just stream of rant..though like it matters when two people are sixty feet up a drill rig , crazy wonderful fools❤️ )We support the protest, and wish them warmth and safety in their extreme peaceful protest. Other protests are available . It is an extreme state of affairs when it takes such foolhardy and brave personal risk to expose clear environmental risk! It is blinkered imposition by many government agencies that leads to this, OUR elected representatives should sit up and listen!!. We have a wealth of issues that we are regulating and monitoring for you, step up and talk to us, dont just make noises like you are while we mitigate traffic problems and monitor breaches, aswell as these Peaceful Shenanigans too. Gold standard is just a sales pitch ….it doesnt make the fugitve emissions disappear. Attempts at meaningful , reasonable and lawful peaceful protest are stifled at every turn. Some of us do want to engage with you NYP , and NYCC, and the EA, and PHE, Kevin Hollinrake, and Sajid David, and Amber Rudd. Theresa May, the this is on you. Stop with Georges ‘dash for gas’ and look at the evidence on the table!!. YOUR reports that we have strong and truly sustainsble energy choices , there is no panic about gas supplies. YOUR research bodies are still investigating negative impacts, seismic slippage, substrata bacterium, what happens to the 60% of water that doesnt come back up the pipe.where it migrates to , and how long it takes……ffs…Wait .Listen! I didnt even mention the abject failure of CCS, a primary condition according to our gov. NYP please remember this is a political and environmental matter, it’s not your jurisdiction to decide if the well they are sitting on is a community health risk.it is, btw. It is mainly a show well for 700more, in Ryedale alone. Even in the last few days this site has been emitting Particulate Matter, and NOx gasses at significant levels. Stuff that bloody matters to familes and communities over time. Stuff we protest for.Risks of the few , to protect the many, at great personal sacrifice and hardship . For no money! So lets talk about REAL Health and Safety now, not the flexible stuff on the ground without Impact Assesments stuff that calls eddies tower a risk no right here, right now on so many levels we should examine risk.culmulative risk is the monster, take this partial frack and multiply and multiply and multiply , and thats not just money heading offshore , thats pollution and risk… Or , we dont protest, and wait for the long term health data to emerge. Data that shows increased rates of respiratory and heart problems, leading to more deaths.Old, young and foetal deaths, over time..say five or ten years of drilling and trucks.is called unconventional for a reason, never confuse it with convential gas extraction. We dont, this is dark stuff, do some research before you sign it off as zero risk and bunch of swampys.. All we have been told that it will be gold standard, ‘this time’. We cant take your word Mr Dewar , you make mistakes….After a mercaptan leak in the spring…After a reported gas leak last week, that had people out of their homes, and the EA investigating . Remember the real long term damage is Nothing to do with protesters. They just want everyone to check out what’s is going on 2km beneath them. Stay safe all. NYP you invoked cost as a matter of concern , so talk also invoke context, talk about why you are so concerned about lack of funds…..austerity policing , cuts..?!….please understand ..we dont want that, or you mass policing frack sites..but while we have austerity regulation and no effective forum to present facts , we will protest 👊



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