Grampian Continental and Lubbers being the main repeat offenders at Preston New Road. Any others anyone can add in the comments?

Reposted as requested (with Rhona’s additions thanks):

Fracking Ban Scotland: What Next?

There should be:

1) No ethane shipments.
2) No frack waste processing or disposal
3) No deep geological disposal
4) No re-injection of produced water back into those wells.
5) No dumping produced water, processed or otherwise, in the river Forth.
6) No sand, nor cement, from Scotland for fracking operations
7) No chemicals from Scotland for fracking
8) Scottish contracting firms should commit not to supply the fracking industry (see below on plant and haulage)


1) The wells in and around Airth need decommissioning and to a high standard and the surrounding land restored.

2) This should include wells, well pads and access roads, pipework, water storage and disposal facilities and other infrastructure.

3) Independent testing of restored land for chemical, radiological contamination and methane leaks.

4) The land needs full continuous testing after decommissioning to make sure of no leaks etc.

5) The river Forth should also be tested as well as any other sites. (Before, after and during decommissioning.)

6) This needs serious oversight and all documents should be in the public domain.

7) Any lax work on those wells will reflect gravely on their integrity south of the border.


Scot Gov should be clear no Police Scotland will work on fracking sites in England (if they do)



No seismic testing, drilling equipment, rigs and other equipment nor haulage services from Scotland should supply the fracking industry.

(NB some of this plant might be used for hydrology, geothermal heat and district heating projects, so supporting the fracking industry might conflict with environmental accreditation or customer / shareholder expectations).



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