RUSTY UPDATE (Friday 3rd Nov 1am): The new yellow crane is still pulling pipes out of the well, it had a steel wire going through the top drive into the well . There were 119 pipes in the well , at 2pm Wednesday the pipes began to come out. At 1am Friday (today)there are still 64 pipes in the well. Its taking an average of 37.5 minutes to get each pipe out where as previously it was approximately 3 mins. Intead of taking around 6 hours it ll take approximately 74.5 hours. But most probably longer because he keeps breaking .We ve all different theories as to why but we really dont know.we do know there has been problems with both the hydraulics and the motor on the top drive recently.
Earlier it was observed that the engineers on the platform were wearing white see through all in one white boiler suits , they were covered in black .
Rusty looks so poorly, the top drive is moving slowly , uncomfortably not like normal where it glides up and down , a crane is helping him limp along. Cranes must cost a fortune to hire and there’s been several in and out over the last week.
Good night from Rig Night Watch xx



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