This video covers my evidence of my personal experiences at KM8 including;
1. Unlawful detention for in their opinion “thought crimes”. Slavery is where either physical or mental violence is used to force other humans to do what you tell them!
2. Police having no idea of their authority nor jurisdiction!
3. Police providing private security to THIRD ENERGY at tax payers expense.
4. It is clear to me that the police on the ground are poorly educated in what their authority and jurisdiction is and they just blindly follow orders assuming their superiors know what they are doing………and hence those on the ground are unknowingly causing untold harm to protectors, tax payers and are the sole reason for ALL DISRUPTION TO LOCAL COMMUNITIES due to the simple fact that they are so poorly educated in their authority and jurisdiction!

Ultimately the issue is between THIRD ENERGY and protectors. When either party acts unlawful then the police should be called.

This is a quick intro, and I have copied the statement of facts for this section with the video evidence so you can judge for yourself after the intro. THE MICROCOSM THEREFORE (Of WHERE…



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