Today, looking through the rectangle window we have noted that Rusty has been a very greedy rig, Although he struggled at times he has managed to swallow all the pipes removed over the last two days All 168 one after the other without really pausing for breath! Greedy greedy rig..
The well depth presently remains at 1680 metres but drill pipe 169 was loaded around an hour ago and slowly it’s being drilled into the well. Every inch it drills down is now an extra inch further towards Cuadrilla’s goal of fracking.
However, considering Rusty’s seeming inability to retain the pipes for any meaningful length of time I suspect Connor the Shady Crane will be fishing by tea time and by breakfast tomorrow Rusty will be in the process of burping the pipes back up again…
One water tanker came in and out , an AE Yates flatbed that took away the Hera’s fencing that used to surround the electric fence and most interestingly there were lots of men in inappropriate clothing entering and leaving site. At around 2pm the PLOs came to inform us no more heavy goods vehicles were due in . It’s been very quiet traffic and site wise the last few days (apart from the men in suits and shoes). I can’t describe it but it’s almost like there’s an air of expectation lingering over the pad. Either expectation or as I am beginning to suspect ,an air of desperation



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