Who Protects Who? Kirby Misperton 31st Oct 2017
Sickening numbers of Police on the back of trucks rolling on in, “For your health & safety”
For the Shale and all who sails in her more like, up to four other forces have so far given mutual aid,
Correct us if we are wrong but those are, Northumbria, Humberside, Durham & Cleveland.

Here we see once more the lengths the force go to to facilitate trucks into third energy site.
Look at the 10 feet area to the left of the gate, squashing elderly folks and kids into that area and later adding officers to it.

Zero tolerance on protest here once more, we are having the right of protest forcibly Policed not by consent but by aggression and phoney laws.

Filmed by Smart Card
In The Name Of The Dog Productions
Maple Indie Media 2017
Active with the Activists

Music by Dejan Subotin ‘Forsaken’

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: http://audiojungle.net/item/forsaken/…

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