Firm criticises rescue plane plan, despite finding fault with it

Image copyright AP Image caption One plane has landed, but a second is still landing in the sea

The pilot of the first plane to land was shot dead and both crew members rescued after they were injured during their brief encounter in the jungle, officials said.

The plane landed in the South Pacific, about 50 miles off the Indonesian-Bosophone island of Sulawesi.

One of the rescuers died and the other was seriously wounded, the spokesman for a government-run rescue organisation said.

The helicopter crew managed to take two passengers into custody.

Image copyright AP Image caption The plane was carrying six men and one woman

A spokesman for Indonesia’s National Maritime Safety Agency said the Indonesian Coastgospelhitz Guard had been alerted by helicopter to the incident and “rescue teams, including search and rescue ships, are being dispatched to find the remaining passenge카지노 사이트rs”.

The rescue operation was called off on Sunday morning as a result of the plane’s landing, the spokesm바카라an added.

The rescuers recovered three bodies, all of which were in good condition.

Three other planes had also been in the area in a search-and-rescue mission, but the search and rescue team did not encounter any problems.

The two victims of Sunday’s incident were identified as Mr Sari Hossain and Mr Abdullah Bana.

Mr Hossain died from his wounds after being carried to hospital, while Mr Bana was also critically wounded by shrapnel, the spokesman added.

All the rescue operations were under the authority of the national emergency coordination centre (KAS), which was founded in January after the 2011 Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.

However, the operation was in addition to an ongoing maritime rescue operation, which was continuing until this weekend.