New york city mayor says bomb packages sent are terrorism threats

A federal bomb squad has been called in after a package sent to a restaurant in the city of New York exploded Friday, officials said.

The package included a parcel of a small size. Authorities said it was mailed from England to the office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a longtime critic of President Donald Trump.

Authorities said it came on Dec. 30 from a city in Engl강남출장안마and where the president has been campaigning and tweeting messages against Britain.

A spokeswoman for London’s Metropolitan Police said police would investigate the explosion as a terrorism incident.

Bloomberg was briefed on the incident as soon as they were made public.

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“As Mayor, I’m focused on working with all relevant officials to get to the bottom of the suspicious packages, which of course, would appear to be terror attacks,” he said in a statement. “My thoughts and prayers are 양산출장샵with those injured and those who may have been affected by these events.”

New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill said it took about an hour for investigators to collect all the evidence. He said the explosion was “one of the worst in recent memory,” and investigators are not sure how it happened.

At the scene of a e영양출장마사지xplosion at a restaurant in New York, Dec. 30, 2016. A suspicious package was found outside the restaurant and it has since exploded. (Reuters)

“There’s no reason to believe it was a lone wolf attack or random,” O’Neill said.

Authorities said the explosives apparently arrived in New York City through Britain.

O’Neill said it was unclear how and who sent the letters, but no details about the identity of the people concerned were available.

The FBI is also probing and investigators are looking into the “safety and security” of the United States and its interests in the Middle East, according to a statement by O’Neill.

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