Nursing home battles fatal outbreak linked to ‘drunken’ children

A British woman who admitted to injecting a baby with drugs as a means of treating him after he bled to death at her home in France has been jailed for 25 years.

Rachel Knecht, who works as a nurse in a nursing home in the resort town of Saint Dizier, was convicted of manslaughter by misadventure at the Old Bailey.

Her mother, Jan Knecht, 48, from Denton, Texas, who has been jailed for four years, was ordered to serve an additional year for having an unlicensed, unlicensed nurse in charge of the care of her sick baby.

Rachel Knecht, who worked at a Texas nursing home for six months, admitted injectinatyasastra.comng the dying baby with morphine to stop him suffocating after he had taken an overdose

Miss Knecht, from Denton, Texas, was also fined £9,000.

She said: ‘My son was a very happy child, his mood was very good, he seemed happy being with his mother.’

After the killing, Miss Knecht told police that she had been taking drugs to improve her mood. She called police after her baby died.

It was then that she realised he had been given an overdose of a tranquiliser which had been put in his medicine cabinet.

The baby died while in a coma due to cardiac arrest and he was later declared brain dead but it has since been confirmed he was alive.

Miss Knecht, who works as a nursing home nurse for six months, who has been found guilty of manslaughter by misadventure at the Old Bailey and sentenced to three years in prison for her involvement

Following her conviction, she said she is going to move back to Texas and make it her personal mission to treat every child as sick or injured that gets admitted to her home, and she will make sure the drugs she supplied were supervised by a staff member

Knecht used morphi바카라ne, which is available by prescription from pharmacies, to treat her baby in the hours befo바카라사이트re he died and she admitted in court that she would do anything she could for him

Her mother, who was one of the nurse staff at the home, said that she would also make it her personal mission to help ‘every child’ and to’make a difference in their lives’ as she also wants ‘to make it her home for life’.

Miss Knecht, who works as a nurse fo