Sacred site opened to tourism for the first time during a day-long tour on Saturday, October 11, 2016, in the heart of Istanbul. (Reuters photo)

Insight and Spirit Istanbul opened its doors in the heart of Istanbul’s Old City this month to the 1,000 visitors who came to experience the historic sites in the city’s heart, which is also home to the oldest religious architecture, or makrass.The opening is a huge boost for the city and was welcomed by the prime minister, Binali Yildirim, who called it “a true cultural center with a rich heritage of Istanbul.”

“I’ve come here for the grandeur of these places, and I’m very pleased because they are very beautiful,” said Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas, who helped set up the tour.

“When I was in my last trip to Istanbul the tourists don’t think much about such buildings or places, or even about what’s around. But here in Istanbul we are looking at it from a very human point of view. Everything here is beautiful from the inside.”

It was the first time the tour has been held in the city center in more than 15 years. The Turkish Tourist Board, which organized the tour, has also decided on the new name for the city and will hold new official and informal tours.The most popular tour during the tour is the “Eternal Life,” with a focus on some of the makrass that date back to the 6th century. A dozen or so other tour options were also on hand, and a few will open more weeks later.The museum will also host an exhibition dedicated to Istanbul’s heritage sites. There will be events for families, friends and visitors as well as tours of the new museum. The tour will also allow participants to view the historic “Tower of Babel” at the site of the famous시흥출장샵 Christian city.

Titul Goksel, chairman of the board of governors of the Istanbul Tourist Board, said the project, which costs around $400,000, will also be a great way to improve tourism for경주출장마사지 the capital.

“This is an opportunity to raise Turkish tourists’ interest and improve their perception of the capital,” he said.

Topbas added the opening is a positive move for the city’s archaeological heritage in general and the makrass in particular. He explained that while people are usually less awar영천출장샵e of the ancient monuments, the makrass can be very unique in ways that are not as clearly visible


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