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NITI Aayog: We expect them (the saurks to) be able to meet the requirements of the country. As of now, there are none that are in line to be made part of the scheme. We have no idea how they will behave, but if they want to make any change or come up with any plan, we will welcome it,” he said. “I think, overall, the government wants the saurks to be part of the initiative. I will not do anything against the initiative; if we have to, we will help them through our own resources,” he said.He has been visiting a number of saurk companies across the country and talks to them daily, as well as at other important더킹 카지노 forums. “We are doing an exhaustive study and will get feedback on this,” he said.On whether or not some of his companies will not be able to meet all the financial requirements set, he said, “I do not know why some of the companies do not meet the financial requirements. Our role is to help them, and make sure they do not do anything against the plan. We are not against the plan, but the time of the government has come.”